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Tipsters: Who, or what are they?

So. You’ve all been lead to believe that betting is a mugs game, right? That you cannot possibly win when betting because ‘the bookie always wins?’ I have some bad news. You’ve (probably) been lied to. What the parenthesis, you ask? Well, the probably is

Tipster review: @bettingbeartips – day 5 update

[Geordie accent] Day five in the big betting couple hoose and the betting bear has been called to the diary room. [/Geordie accent] Terrible Big Brother pun aside, it’s now day five of following this tipster. As we know in this business, the short term

New: Tipster reviews @thebettingbear

It is, what? 8pm and I’m sitting here – England have just scored against Columbia. Harkens back to the days of me as a youngster, watching the national team; emotionally invested – crying like a baby when we got knocked out again. (Not that we

Free trials: Good or bad?

I was partaking in my usual Twitter catch up while lying in bed and a series of fortunate events lead up to me reading the Twitter feed of tipstrr and in that feed, I came across an advert for a weeks trial of a service.

Morale – The big bad evil?

I felt the timing is perfect right now, for this post. I am regularly asked advice regarding portfolio management and a recent follower expressed dismay and a necessity to ‘reshuffle’ his portfolios due to losing money. I’ll start it simple and with a graph. This

April Roundup

This month’s figures are a bit .. misleading and skewed when it comes to our football tipsters. If you’re aware, at the beginning of the month April, we essentially halved our horse racing portfolio while doubling our football ones, thinking that was a great idea.

Bankroll management: The key to success.

I’m not sure if I’ve written an article regarding this explicitly, but I’m seeing so many tweets recently from people; unhappy that the tipster they are following lost a 2/3 point bet or is 10 points down and frankly, the answer is and should always

Change of reporting format

As mentioned on Twitter, we are now going to be reporting on a daily basis. This is for a few reasons: Accountability of ourselves and our tipsters. More interesting for our readers to see our ups and downs more often. We will be carrying the

Upcoming portfolio reshuffle.

A favourite tipster of mine has decided to stop tipping and as such, I now have space in my portfolio. I have been filling space so far, with somewhat structured ‘punts’ from decent tipsters on Twitter, however, I think I need something more substantial. I’ll

Weekly roundup #5 – Apr 9th-15th

Here we are, halfway through April and no real idea about how our various tipsters have been performing — I kid, I kid! — I have some general idea. The week wasn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination. All in all, it was a