Bet timing – How does it affect which systems / tipsters you should follow?

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I thought I’d do a quick post regarding the timing of bets from either, straight tipsters, or systems. Timing of bets may not seem like an important point, but frankly, it is one of the biggest killers of ones ability to make money betting.

How so? Odds are directly influenced by market movements. (Large lumps placed on a horse will drive down the odds of a horse, making it less and less profitable – the same applies to the football market, albeit to a lesser extent – the ‘weight of money’ principle in place)

If a tipster sends his tips out at, say, 19:00 and you’re working until 20:00. How much value is actually in that tipster?  SBC actually did a great article as part of the magazines they regularly send out, which approached this subject and frankly, for me to even begin to approach it at a level I’d like, I would need to have developed a firmer understanding of the concepts involved for people reading this.

Suffice to say – the odds given by a tipster and how quickly they shorten, have to be taken into account when looking for somebody to follow. (If you follow a tipster that say, publicly posts his selections, you will not get the odds advised and you will then have to decide whether he is profitable to your situation, or not)

I started typing this and then realised the complexity of what I would need to say, so, we’ll approach this over the next few weeks.  I’ll leave it here in the meantime and call this a preview, though!

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