Mistakes: Why do I continue to make them?

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I question myself on this and yet, I continue to do it.

Why do I trust the word of other ‘reputable’ people and not do my own research? I know what I’m talking about, clearly and yet, as soon as somebody says “oh, xyz are good” – my ‘rules’ my ‘guidelines’ my everything, goes out of the window.

£47 a month? great value tipster. BOOYAH!

Averaging ~14 points a month? brilliant! I’ll go in with £10 stakes, that’ll make the tipster worth it! (instead of like, you know, just going in with lower stakes on somebody who costs vastly less? If I have to make 5 points a month on decent stakes, to pay for the service… maybe I should re-think.

For reference: If you ever see an ‘advisory service’ or ‘Facebook page’ or anything else, recommend a tipster via an affiliate link. Walk away.

This ends the last month I throw ~£200 down on ‘trying new things’. I’m done, time to practice what I preach.

(The weekly roundup will be coming out later today. We had an absolutely blinding month here on TheBettingCouple. I could even afford a takeaway! ROI is exactly where I want it. Even with the mistakes. Brilliant!)

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