Weekly roundup #2

You Win You Lose

So, as it turns out, we started the week being overall in the negative slightly. Yeah, there’s something for you to consider. Ouch!

As you can see however, the week hasn’t ended that way, with a nice graph going mostly only upwards. Overpriced came in with a few winners, which we sorely needed to keep our morale going. We managed to get odds of 11/1 as compared to the advised 7/1 on one of them which was a very welcome bonus for us. For the week he clawed back 23pts for us which is always nice to see.

March 19th-25th, 2018, Portfolio Performance – Overpriced Horsetips

The following week sees us end our relatively short time with Elite Betting Syndicate for the low performance during the time we’ve been with them (five-six weeks); for their cost we don’t deem them worthwhile to continue with. That’s something we should have taken more care to evaluate before jumping on, really — you can read more about this in Mark’s latest post about mistakes we still make.

Another little service we tried out for the past week has been Gman’s horses, now that they started advising their picks to points — this has seen us end the week -47pts in the negative (as max 1.2pts in the positive as the very start of the week). This is something we’re swiftly stopping following, too, as the vast majority of their picks were in the range of evens up to 3/1, with a few multiples thrown in. At this odds range, we were only really happy to follow with a 25pt bank (Overpriced Horsetips for examples averages at 5/1-6/1 and uses a 50pt bank and win only — no each way).

March 19th-25th, 2018, Portfolio Performance – Gman Premium Horses Odds Range Performance

DG Racing saw a week of good returns for us, pulling in 15.2pts for us for the week, and in so doing we’re 13.8pts in the green for the week with his tips. Matt of The Betting Source didn’t have many bets this week, yet got himself 3.35pts in the green for the week.

The trial of our cricket tipster hasn’t seen any shine yet, but with the low amount of tips since joining, we’re not concerned but instead are hopeful in seeing some returns soon enough.

On the football side of things, we would’ve had about 6pts more returned from Corners by Chris had we not been greedy in trying to squeeze higher odds out of a corners race selection — where they just kept on getting corner after corner — so with them we are mostly neutral for the week. Premium Tipsters are 3.2pts up for the week, being one team goal off landing a ~7/1 fivefold which wasn’t devastating but would’ve been a splendid boom. Ztips lost 1.5pts with us, and is another tipster we’ve decided to terminate — after two months we are 7.3pts in the negative and having at most been 0.7pts in the green overall. Considering the odds ranged used, we’re not happy to continue our relationship.

We have already discussed increasing our stakes with The Betting Source and with Overpriced at the start of April, possibly Corners By Chris as well — one week to go however, so until then — have a booming upcoming week!


Mark edit:

You will notice our current portfolio has not shown some of these tipsters we have abandoned. That is because, unlike others, we don’t have anything to gain from the tipsters we follow and recommend and I have actively tried to protect people from portfolio’s I have considered to be under-performing.

The fact that we’ve dropped them, clearly justifies my decision.


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