Free tipsters – Just how good can they be?

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A few turn of events have lead to some free portfolio space, this month and I’ve decided I’d do two things.

  • Follow Teddy T (@alllsportstips)
  • Find some value in free tipsters.

You may or may not be aware, that I do currently follow a few free tipsters (see portfolio page), but I will always take the opportunity to trial out new ones, to low stakes. (Honestly, why wouldn’t I? What’s £1 / point, really?) So, this month, I’ll be following a couple of free services (posted with his permission) from Teddy T.

You will need the telegram app to take part and both of these services can be found via the links on my tweet

And to actually keep on topic here and answer the subject question… Very good, actually. Both my free tipsters have performed admirably and frankly, why wouldn’t they? They have absolutely nothing to gain by you following them.

My 100% – ‘TBC approved’ method of finding out whether a free tipster is good, or not is this.

  • Do they bet on their own picks?
  • How much do they stake?

Let’s take the All sports tips room, I linked above. The first bet is from @mikebroomy and it is as follows:

What can we see from this? Firstly; he’s backing his own tip! Secondly; he’s doing it to a stake that gives me confidence he has some vested interest in this tip winning and as I said before… they’re free, what do you have to lose? Go in low (all bookies accept tiny stakes) and let compounding do its magic.


edit: I did edit the twitter, but a lot of whether you find value in a tipster is going to come from how much you perceive your own worth to be. Me? I’m happy to roll with £1 or £2. If they’re profitable, you’ll compound quickly. Others, not so much. They’re a minimum stake of £20 type of person and an ‘unproven’ free tipster might not be for them.

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