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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Bankroll management: The key to success.

I’m not sure if I’ve written an article regarding this explicitly, but I’m seeing so many tweets recently from people; unhappy that the tipster they are following lost a 2/3 point bet or is 10 points down and frankly, the answer is and should always

Change of reporting format

As mentioned on Twitter, we are now going to be reporting on a daily basis. This is for a few reasons: Accountability of ourselves and our tipsters. More interesting for our readers to see our ups and downs more often. We will be carrying the

Upcoming portfolio reshuffle.

A favourite tipster of mine has decided to stop tipping and as such, I now have space in my portfolio. I have been filling space so far, with somewhat structured ‘punts’ from decent tipsters on Twitter, however, I think I need something more substantial. I’ll

Weekly roundup #5 – Apr 9th-15th

Here we are, halfway through April and no real idea about how our various tipsters have been performing — I kid, I kid! — I have some general idea. The week wasn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination. All in all, it was a

Weekly roundup #4

So it appears that this was kept as a draft for the past week! Roundup for the second week due before the end of the day. Apologies! / Linda The first week of April has passed. As discussed, we have essentially halved our horse racing

In-play: The bane of my life.

I’ve said previously regarding tipsters that you should always fit them around your availability and generally, I have no problem with that. What I do seem to have an issue with, is in-play. The past few days have been incredibly frustrating following Corners by Chris,

Spending money to make money…

Otherwise titled: ” How paper trading is a necessary evil” So, over my time doing this, I have made literally every mistake you can possible make as an investment gambler. I have: Joined services that are new, with much larger stakes than I should. Joined

March Roundup

I’m a bit delayed with this, but here it is — our March roundup. We started the month over-confident in two services in combination with not really realising we were staking too high for our comfort level. Yeah — you’ll know it when it happens:

Musings #1.

This past few months has shown more than ever, that a solid performing portfolio needs a clear variety in tipsters. What does this achieve? Your account is shown as more muggy. Instead of betting on the best odds horses, obtained via Oddschecker. You’re now betting