Musings #1.

This past few months has shown more than ever, that a solid performing portfolio needs a clear variety in tipsters.

What does this achieve?

  • Your account is shown as more muggy. Instead of betting on the best odds horses, obtained via Oddschecker. You’re now betting on horses, dogs, cricket, tennis and football and following on from this…
  • This will inevitably cause varied stakes (…right?). This means that again, your account(s) look muggier. You’re now throwing £1 on Acca’s, £20 on football. £5 on horses and £15 on cricket.
  • You have coverage! This is the single. most. important. thing. Horses having a bad run? Football takes over. Football doing bad? Cricket covers. Etc. Just like in my main job (the IT industry) we like redundancy!
  • Multiple tipsters: No eggs all in one basket.

I made a couple of incredibly important decisions for the stability of my portfolio’s at the start of this month.

  1. Reduce horse stakes. (April is horrible – I have said this before)
  2. Increase Football stakes.
  3. Synergise the rest of the portfolios. (I follow a lot of stuff I don’t list… Gotta keep some good stuff for myself, right?)

ROI so far this month…

30% (From a peak of 46%)… 30%!

“That’s only a 3 day sample size” I hear you say, well… You’re right, it is, but last month was a 9.4% ROI and all-time is 10.3%.

I aim for 6% but anything over 3% is top class. Who knows, I might actually know what I’m doing.

Oh, and if you’re not. Seriously, get in Teddies free group and / or follow @PremierPTips at least.

51% ROI on the free Teddies group and 77.3% ROI on Premier P. They’re FREE!

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