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I’m a bit delayed with this, but here it is — our March roundup.

We started the month over-confident in two services in combination with not really realising we were staking too high for our comfort level. Yeah — you’ll know it when it happens: you’re watching the match or race and almost growling as the event is not unfolding the way you wanted it to — you’re stressed and agitated, at the very least stressed. You were happy staking when you were winning — not so much when you were losing multiples in a row.

It’s a potentially dangerous trap you’re in at that stage. The tipster/service is bound to hit the correct target and bounce back? Surely? What do you do? Trod along? For us, we were fortunate in that while we had lost more than we were happy with — we were still in profit and/or neutral with these two tipsters. At that point, it  was a straightforward decision — we quit while we were ahead. (We’re still keeping an eye on their performances for potential future investments.)

Horse Racing Tipsters

March saw us follow four horse racing tipsters, three of which we still follow going into April and are going strong — the last we decided wasn’t worth their subscription cost for the performance we saw during the time we were following.

The Betting Source

March Roundup - The Betting Source

March Roundup – The Betting Source

The Betting Source had an absolute cracking Cheltenham, landing 6 winners out of 12. Unofficially he also landed a trixie and a placepot during the festival — incredibly well picked by Matt. Outside of the festival he did amazing as well.

DG Racing

March Roundup - DG Racing

March Roundup – DG Racing

DG Racing remained relatively neutral throughout the month, not smashing but not near bad. Dave puts in so much energy in his service and is always striving to become even better. He finished the month splendidly with picking the winner and the second of the Dubai Cup. While March wasn’t amazing,  we remain confident — Can’t wait for flats season to kick in!


March Roundup - Overpriced

March Roundup – Overpriced

Overpriced had a weak three weeks where we hit a 14pt draw-down. We weren’t concerned  as what we had to keep in mind was one) his picks are win only and two) he often picks in the odds range of 6/1 – 12/1.  Knowing that, he was one good winner away from  bringing himself back to where he was once. Not long after that, his form was cracking with winner after winner coming in — ending our points for March with him at 27.5pts in the positive; incredible comeback from a lacklustre first three weeks of the month.

Football Tipsters

Corners By Chris

March Roundup - Corners By Chris

March Roundup – Corners By Chris

Chris and Jack had a great March — even better if we hadn’t been greedy for higher odds on some stunning picks that came in! 7.3% ROI, 18.7pts profit brought home which ended their month 20.7pts up.

Premium Tipsters

March Roundup - Premium Tipsters

March Roundup – Premium Tipsters

Beginning the month in the negative, these lads also had a great March with a 27.5% ROI and ending the month 14.7pts in the positive after bringing back 18.7pts profit for us.

Premier Punter Tips

March Roundup - Premier Punter Tips

March Roundup – Premier Punter Tips

This just goes to show you don’t need to bet a lot to make a handsome profit: 11 bets, 29.7% ROI and ending the month 2pts in the positive after bringing back just under 3pts profit for us.

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