In-play: The bane of my life.

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I’ve said previously regarding tipsters that you should always fit them around your availability and generally, I have no problem with that. What I do seem to have an issue with, is in-play.

The past few days have been incredibly frustrating following Corners by Chris, with missing quite a few winning bets in the time it takes to get to the phone and find the match (we’re talking about literal seconds here) and getting on the losing bets easily due to them… y’know, losing.

We are only short of 13 points up with him over 3 months, which isn’t particularly amazing, mostly due to this exact problem (and us sometimes waiting on higher odds causing Linda to miss the available line)

I’m questioning the value of tying myself to the phone for a service that has returned such little in the way of profit for us. It requires more thought and more time, but I think I may walk away at the end of the month unless things improve.

Edit: I’ve decided to walk away from his in-plays. Some quick maths has shown me that they are not profitable to me and the points advertised are just not achievable.


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