Emotional attachment: Aka – If you follow intently, you’re staking too high.

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Catchy title, right?

It’s catchy but true. Good evening friends, I will be your guide for this delightfully entitled post otherwise known as ‘stop caring’

You all know the slogan right? You’re gamblers? We see it plastered everywhere.

“When the fun stops, stop”

So then, why haven’t you? Why do you feel the need to express your frustration to a tipster? Does it make you feel better? Bring back the losses incurred so far? Do you genuinely feel it will ‘kick the tipster in the arse’ and make them perform better?

What makes you, yes you reading this – think that kicking an already stressed tipster is the proper way to address your frustration?

I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’m very deeply ingrained in a lot of circles. I can give you one constant though, one ever-present thorn in the sides of both those I’ve spoken to on a personal level and those I’ve followed on a professional one.

People who stake too much and get emotionally invested in the money you win or lose.

I was speaking to a tipster today. Tipster x. He apologised to me for his poor run and hoped today’s form was the sign of things to come.

This is what I said to him?

Simple. To the point.

Stop staking more than your bank allows. You earn less but you’re much more chilled. God, I spend enough time in the day stressed…

(Because this is a blog post, let’s give some tips)

  • Double your tipsters longest drawdown and if you find you’re stressing and obsessing over results. Double it again (effectively halving your stakes)
  • Keep seperate banks. Compound only monthly and watch trends. I halved my horse stakes this month due to historic trends. I even blogged and tweeted about doing so.
  • If you need any help. Let me know. I’ve made every mistake in the book.


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