Weekly roundup #4

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So it appears that this was kept as a draft for the past week! Roundup for the second week due before the end of the day. Apologies! / Linda

The first week of April has passed. As discussed, we have essentially halved our horse racing stakes and doubled our football stakes. It’s been a pretty wise decision, though  we did reduce one of the footy back down after the week — the overall exposure wasn’t where we were comfortable.

As expected, the horse racing hasn’t been up to par, and the decision to halve the stakes has worked out well for this past week. We’ve had plenty close calls; seconds who should’ve been winners and others just outside the place range. Oh well. Some times it just doesn’t go as planned and you have to be prepared for it.

All and all, we ended the week in profit thanks to footy picking up the slack of the horse racing — as well as one stunning 14/1 BoG winner from one of our newest trials.

Looking forward to the week ahead with the Aintree Grand National!

And remember; it’s not too late to re-jig your portfolio — don’t be needlessly stressed over potential outcomes: a win should be welcoming while a loss should be for all intents inconsequential.

Good luck with whoever you’re following!

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