Weekly roundup #5 – Apr 9th-15th

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Here we are, halfway through April and no real idea about how our various tipsters have been performing — I kid, I kid! — I have some general idea. The week wasn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

All in all, it was a non-eventful week with not much action, and so, I’ll keep this roundup short and sweet and to the point.

Tipsters Portfolio Apr 9-15

Tipsters Portfolio Apr 9-15

We went up at the very start on the Monday and subsequently lost that bit of profit through the course of the days. The weekend saw a return again bringing us just over neutral. The week ended at a 0.6% ROI, mostly cost by Premium Tipsters and Premier Punter Tips who both suffered a bit of a “bad run” — in this case not even a handful of separate tips lost in a row. It’s all part of the game, really, you have to expect some downturn — you just need to be aware of your own actual limits in terms of your staking plan.

I have to add, it has been nice to see Howzat Cricket bring in some winners. Since adding his service to our portfolio, he has now reached a neutral point for us — saying that, we’ve not been able to get on all bets due to losing the lines on a few, so official numbers might be worse or better.


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