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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Free trials: Good or bad?

I was partaking in my usual Twitter catch up while lying in bed and a series of fortunate events lead up to me reading the Twitter feed of tipstrr and in that feed, I came across an advert for a weeks trial of a service.

Morale – The big bad evil?

I felt the timing is perfect right now, for this post. I am regularly asked advice regarding portfolio management and a recent follower expressed dismay and a necessity to ‘reshuffle’ his portfolios due to losing money. I’ll start it simple and with a graph. This

April Roundup

This month’s figures are a bit .. misleading and skewed when it comes to our football tipsters. If you’re aware, at the beginning of the month April, we essentially halved our horse racing portfolio while doubling our football ones, thinking that was a great idea.