Morale – The big bad evil?

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I felt the timing is perfect right now, for this post. I am regularly asked advice regarding portfolio management and a recent follower expressed dismay and a necessity to ‘reshuffle’ his portfolios due to losing money.

I’ll start it simple and with a graph. This is our P&L illustrated since Jan of this year:

We can see two things from this. Firstly, we were performing exceptionally well up until April and secondly, right now, we are around March 27th levels of profit.

Last month saw the only losing month since I started to become heavily involved in investment gambling and this month is, frankly, looking the same. We have a singular Horse Tipster firing and the football appears to be off in a world of its own. This unfortunately has the unwanted side-effect of introducing a ‘boogie man’ into our life… A loss of morale.

Now, I consider myself ‘seasoned’ – I’ve made many mistakes and weathered waters that have destroyed many other people. Even I am (somewhat) under pressure from the inner beasty that is ‘morale’.

Then we add the fact we missed a large point return from ‘oversleeping’ and not placing a winning bet from Punting 4 Profit and we have an even larger compounding morale failure.

I can sit here and I can wax lyrical all day about ’emotional detachment’ and ‘long-term’ but honestly, when faced with such a shit run; it’s all irrelevant and everything is shit and oh god, why won’t things win?

It is trying – it really is.

A few tips:

Look at your portfolio synergy: A portfolio should cover for itself. Is it? If it isn’t, why not? Adjust stakes accordingly.

Look at daily outlay: Are you outlaying too much? Are you comfortable doing so? Is your bank sufficient? 

Think long term: Not easy, I know. 

‘Form is temporary – Class is permanent’

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