Free trials: Good or bad?

Horse sticking its tongue out

I was partaking in my usual Twitter catch up while lying in bed and a series of fortunate events lead up to me reading the Twitter feed of tipstrr and in that feed, I came across an advert for a weeks trial of a service.

This got me thinking… (bad idea I know) – but just how profitable is a free trial? How useful is that week? If we isolate and break down a tipster on a week by week basis, what are the chances you will make money during that one week? I’m on the phone so I can’t present any more evidence than ‘not very likely’ but think about it logically; you need multiple things to perfectly fall in-place for the week to be profitable:

  • A high strike rate
  • A decent run

It is far better to condition yourself mentally to commit to a minimum of 3 months (and taking the free trial is going to either reinforce that belief or *more likely* make you question it) – not only do you save money by paying for multiple months but, you condition yourself for a longer term mentality.

The long and short of it is: If you’re eyeing up the addition of a tipster, you’re doing so due to reasons you’ve researched and / or believe are valid so go balls deep. If you’re not eyeing them up and just want the free week to ‘make some money’ you’re making mistakes and in the long run, will suffer for it.


A long term employee of the IT industry. Mark became involved with the betting industry in early 2017. He spends his spare time moaning about horses and football losing him money and bestowing his knowledge on betting theory to anybody who dares listen.

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