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It is, what? 8pm and I’m sitting here – England have just scored against Columbia. Harkens back to the days of me as a youngster, watching the national team; emotionally invested – crying like a baby when we got knocked out again. (Not that we will this time, but, that was the last time I seriously watched the national team)

Anyway, swiftly moving on. Things have been quiet in bettingcouple towers for a few months. The portfolios had the expected downturn, recovered and are now experiencing a massive upturn. (Just like I’ve always preached… patience)

I’ve made some changes – introduced some new, removed some old none of which are relevant here as this is about highlighting either:

  • Requested follows of a portfolio
  • Follows I’m undertaking and thought I’d review.

This one falls firmly in to the latter.

(Before I start, let me be absolutely clear that I will, from the off, let you know of any vested interest *tipster pays me / provides a free service / blows me, etc*)

In this case, I have none. This is paid for by me and is being done as a favour to said tipster. He will have another 3 months of solid, confirmed proofing behind him and I hopefully would have earned money.

Without further ado- I present: BettingBearPremium.

To quote the blurb on his Twitter profile they are a ‘team of 3 people who have been betting for a bloody long time’ *paraphrased as I’m on the phone and checking is a pain*

They are proofed for 3 months only (and only internally) so please bear that in mind.

Sub cost: £14.99 a month

Bets / point outlay per day: From my limited experience, 6 points up. 3+ bets (level stakes are not used)

Type: Trixies / doubles / singles.

Current point(s) profit / loss at the time of writing this: 20 points profit… in 2 days.

How / where do I subscribe? You can contact them via Twitter on @bettingbearpremium or @bettingbeartips

*Danger to portfolio level is 4/5 – you must:

A) Understand bankroll management

B) Follow a staking system

C) Be prepared for high risk high reward (the bets are not level stake)

D) Be prepared to lose your bank (He is unproven externally)

You are more than welcome to mention my Twitter handle if you sub. However, please remember that this is not mandatory and do not join unless you understand the above.



A long term employee of the IT industry. Mark became involved with the betting industry in early 2017. He spends his spare time moaning about horses and football losing him money and bestowing his knowledge on betting theory to anybody who dares listen.

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