A new era?

To cut a long story short; things were not working. The return on ‘time’ investment to follow the tipsters we were following was not paying off in the long run and so here we are.

What have I been doing? You ask? (I’m sure you did, right?)

I have one of those sorts of personalities where I have to be doing something productive, no matter what it is, so, we went back to the ‘thing that started it all’ – Matched Betting.

Do I still believe in the principles of value, EV and AP? Of course, they’re solid, sound principles. I’ve just taken what I know and applied it to a more… steady, form of income. One that I can control myself (one of my overriding concerns about tipsters was the more subscribers they gained, the worse they performed) – hell, most of my profit so far has been low risk casino.. EV personified, right?

As of now, this blog will be focused around matched betting and the methods both myself and others use to earn money. Might be an interesting read, might not!

Ed note:

The site looks like crap currently and Mrs-Betting-Couple will no doubt tidy it up.

I will also be keeping the articles present as they’re still relevant!


A long term employee of the IT industry. Mark became involved with the betting industry in early 2017. He spends his spare time moaning about horses and football losing him money and bestowing his knowledge on betting theory to anybody who dares listen.


  1. Hi,

    I like to follow your blog and I want to thank you for taking the time out to keeping it going.

    I thought that matched betting opportunities were now very limited, so how and where do you find these opportunities. I would be keen to learn…

    I look forward to more posts on this…

    Good luck

    • Hey Nash,

      That’s simply not the case. Has it slowed down? Probably? Maybe. It’s absolutely still possible to make some serious money doing MB, though.

      I’ll cover most of this over the coming weeks but you’ll have to excuse me. It’s a bit of a busy point in my life.

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