Cheltenham: Day 2

What an exceptional couple of days. Now, granted, today was not as good as yesterday but it was still a good day.


EW Extra place, Various 2UP’s, Freebets, the works!


I lost Willy Hills. Long time coming frankly and 100% it was down to the £600 I robbed off them on day one but frankly, they’re not a huge loss and they’ve left me stake unrestricted with the horse boosts… ARB TIME!

I’m also (again) diversifying my income streams and stepping into the realms of tipsters (booo, right?) I’ll let you know how it goes.


A long term employee of the IT industry. Mark became involved with the betting industry in early 2017. He spends his spare time moaning about horses and football losing him money and bestowing his knowledge on betting theory to anybody who dares listen.

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