Cheltenham: Post analysis.

As the curtain closes (well, yesterday actually) on Cheltenham I’m left to look over at what is possibly the most profitable week (not in single returns but certainly in overall bank growth) I have ever experienced.

My angles were many and varied. My returns not from what was expected (I was expecting most of my returns from free and trigger bets but it wasn’t close to the case).

My first day was exceptional; couldn’t possibly be better… or so i thought. Then Friday hit (hello, Lisp, how are you?)

I have taken a few things from this though:

Matched Bettors will jump on anything they see. This is stupid, stop doing this. READ and understand what you are getting involved in. The amount of queries I saw about Extra Places with people thinking you can dutch every race. You can’t, concentrate on the simple things and gravitate out from that.

Angles and everything: Have varied fingers in many pies. Have multiple angles you approach things from.

When I first started this back in 2016 – I had no idea of the potential. £1000 a month would have been amazing… I’m not even sure I’d get out of bed for that now!


A long term employee of the IT industry. Mark became involved with the betting industry in early 2017. He spends his spare time moaning about horses and football losing him money and bestowing his knowledge on betting theory to anybody who dares listen.

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