A bit of a slow creep

It’s been a slow past week or so due to the the international break with football, as such there hasn’t been as many opportunities as prior weeks. We have however had some extra places hitting during this time which has kept our profit tracker numbers ticking upwards.

Outside the matched betting scene, we are carefully and slowly treading onto the tipster service scene again. We’re starting slow and in moderation. Our first choice to follow is a tipster who only charges if you’re a certain amount of points up with the service — an approach that Mark has long been wanting tipsters to use. It’s brilliant.

Offline, we’ve been selling unused items around the house as our priorities have shifted hugely in the last couple of months. Our eventual goal is to be completely debt-free as well as own our own house (somewhere as yet undecided). We have a lot of small goals that we want to achieve, which will be just amazing once we do.

With those words, I bid you adieu for this time.


Linda spends her time working in the background; primarily, but is known to emerge every now and then. She lives in P&L spreadsheet. Boom. Smack. If you're worried about the outcome you're risking too much.

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