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Risk vs reward. How do we balance these?

Another day, another post. Today I want to tackle relative risk vs the rewards that go with it. This post was primarily brought about by my involvement in a horse laying service named ‘lay profits’. and what has been a rough week with them. How

Dealing with losses.

The first question that needs to be answered: “How do I deal with losing runs?” Unfortunately, losing runs are absolutely part of the this game. A lot of my early permanent losses were from getting caught in, what I call, ‘the tipster loop’. I haven’t

Tipsters: Who, or what are they?

So. You’ve all been lead to believe that betting is a mugs game, right? That you cannot possibly win when betting because ‘the bookie always wins?’ I have some bad news. You’ve (probably) been lied to. What the parenthesis, you ask? Well, the probably is