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In-play: The bane of my life.

I’ve said previously regarding tipsters that you should always fit them around your availability and generally, I have no problem with that. What I do seem to have an issue with, is in-play. The past few days have been incredibly frustrating following Corners by Chris,

New portfolio items: Day 1 Analysis.

Evening! As you’re (probably) aware by now, I planned to start with two new portfolio items this week as a means of trialling them for both myself and my (limited) followers. They were: Teddy’s Tips (@alllsportstips) Punting4Profit (@secondwincome) When I look to approach a new

Free tipsters – Just how good can they be?

A few turn of events have lead to some free portfolio space, this month and I’ve decided I’d do two things. Follow Teddy T (@alllsportstips) Find some value in free tipsters. You may or may not be aware, that I do currently follow a few

Portfolio’s: An amicable split or angry divorce?

I’ve thought about how to write this for a while. When do you decide that ‘enough is enough’ and you have to make the choice between remaining with your tipster, or walking away? We’ve discussed in the past regarding ‘sticking with tipsters’ and ‘the tipster

Football bet freebie: 17/3/18

Broomy posted this in a channel I am in him with and I’ve shamelessly stolen it for the benefit (Or not) of followers here. As usual; bet only with what you can afford to lose. 1pt from your fun punts bank. The responsibility of the