Current Portfolio

CBC: Corners By Chris
DG: DG Racing
Howzat: Howzat Cricket
OP: Overpriced HorseTips
P4P: Punting 4 Profit / Second Wincome
PT: Premium Tipsters
PM1: Super secret multi-sports portfolio
PR1: Super secret horse racing portfolio
Stig: Stig’s Track Talk



Horse Racing

On Trial

Various Sports:

  • Teddy T / @alllsportstips – His free group, relatively new but free, so trialling on small stakes. Long term betting group. (Various) He charges only for…
  • Teddy T / @alllsportstips – His paid racing service. Both the Pro and ‘The Irish’. Very small sub cost – excellent ROI. (Horses)
  • Punting4Profit / @secondwincome – Highly rated. Cheap enough to not be concerned with Sub Cost. Proofed history. Long term tipster. (Horses)
  • A few unknown super secret ‘none for you guys’ tipsters. I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.
  • Various methods / Betting circles I’m in. Again, super secret.



  • Betting In The Know – Became too expensive to be considered worth the average ~13 points a month return.
  • Simónður Björnson / @Sjakktrekk
  • Premier Punter Tips / @PremierPTips – (Left the betting business – Ended @ -2.5pts after we doubled stakes before a losing run)
  • Ztips /  @z_tips – Breached our 10 point deficit ‘comfort zone’ after 2 months of following his service ( <2.0 == 10 points max)
  • Tipster From Holland / @FootballTipsNL – Due to lack of sufficient back-proofing to prove viability and alleviate concerns regarding his conduct.
  • Lay Profits – On hiatus to test the system after night on blowing a bank.
  • The Racing Analyst – Due to performance post-split from TWT (The Winning Tipsters) and no sufficient back-proofing.