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Portfolio’s: An amicable split or angry divorce?

I’ve thought about how to write this for a while. When do you decide that ‘enough is enough’ and you have to make the choice between remaining with your tipster, or walking away? We’ve discussed in the past regarding ‘sticking with tipsters’ and ‘the tipster

Weekly Round-up #1: March 12-18th

Good afternoon to you all! A delayed post from me, but no excuses — let’s get going! We had a great start to the week, with a drop toward the end. Would the results be different were every tipster on the same stake per point?

Risk vs reward. How do we balance these?

Another day, another post. Today I want to tackle relative risk vs the rewards that go with it. This post was primarily brought about by my involvement in a horse laying service named ‘lay profits’. and what has been a rough week with them. How

Cheltenham: Final Day

The fourth and final day of Cheltenham  saw us not do as well as the previous days. Matt of The Betting Source landed us Blow By Blow in the Jockey’s Handicap Hurdle while Elite Betting Syndicate landed us Native River, beating Might Bite in the Gold

Football bet freebie: 17/3/18

Broomy posted this in a channel I am in him with and I’ve shamelessly stolen it for the benefit (Or not) of followers here. As usual; bet only with what you can afford to lose. 1pt from your fun punts bank. The responsibility of the

Dealing with losses: Part Deux

I didn’t intend to write another post so soon on this subject so soon, however! I have been smacked directly in the face with this very subject, today, so I thought I’d touch base. The background story: The Lay service I have in my portfolio

Cheltenham: Day three

When one tipster falls behind, another picks up the reins — that described our third day of Cheltenham. First race of the day at Cheltenham saw us land Shattered Love which was a pleasure to watch. Our generally most consistent performing horse tipster just didn’t

Amateur tipster spotlight: Broomy’s nags.

In the first of my  spotlight series (this time focusing on tipsters who tip, but don’t take payment) we have a veteran of a few communities I’m part of: ‘Broomy’ Broomy has been betting on horses for a number of years now and on numerous

Cheltenham: Day two.

It was around this time last year that I started the path to becoming a ‘professional bettor’ and it has been a massive learning curve and a serious amount of trying moments. I’ll cover them more in-depth over the coming months but one thing in-particular